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The arrival of Waxwing flocks has been reported in a number of areas in Scotland and Northern England, including one record of 1000 birds at The Kyles of Lochalse. Hopefully Wiltshire will be blessed with some sightings soon!

An investigation is under way as to why populations of the wading bird the lapwing have collapsed by 50 per cent over the last 30 years.

Gone are the days when farmland throughout Wiltshire would see huge flocks of the attractive bird arrive in winter. Although flocks of up to 150 can still be seen at Coate Water and other nature reserves around the county, the bird, also known as the peewit or green plover, is in sharp decline.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, in collaboration with the RSPB, will study 120 sites across arable landscapes in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk in a bid to find the answer to the decline.

What's the difference between the BTO Atlas and the Wiltshire Tetrad Atlas?

The Wiltshire Tetrad Atlas aims to cover all tetrads in the county of Wiltshire. For the purposes of the Atlas a tetrad is considered to be in Wiltshire if at least 20% of its area lies within the county boundary.

Why do a Wiltshire Tetrad Atlas at the same time as the BTO Atlas?

Because the BTO supports the parallel production of local atlases (more than 30 are being done throughout the UK).

How is data collected for the Wiltshire Tetrad Atlas?

Invisibly - that is to say that, as far as the atlas volunteer is concerned, the data is submitted to the BTO via the existing online and offline channels provided for the BTO atlas. The BTO will identify the data within the area of Wiltshire and make it available to the Wiltshire Ornithological Society (WOS).

Information about WOS

Wiltshire Ornithological Society was formed on November 30th, 1974, and has grown in recent years to more than 500 members.

Our mission is to encourage and pursue the study, recording and conservation of birds in Wiltshire

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