Records Panel

Records Panel

The Records Panel is responsible for the assessment of all records of rare & scarce bird species in Wiltshire on behalf of WOS.

Rarity records are reviewed by panel members who look at all the evidence provided and then vote on whether the record is accepted or not. At least 3 out of 5 panel members must vote to accept the record for it to be listed as such.

All records are reviewed annually in the autumn of the following year, and we regret that we cannot provide any feedback before this. All outcomes will be reported in the annual bird report, Hobby, as one of the following:

  • Accepted – the panel is confident that the record is correct after reviewing the evidence provided. These can be found in the main text.
  • Not Proven – the evidence provided did not enable the high level of confidence required for the record to be accepted.
  • Needs More Info – no evidence was provided.

Panel members

County Bird Recorder (vacant)

Rob Turner

Kim Milsom

Granville Pictor

Mark Gurney