Where to Watch

Salisbury Plain

The MOD has expressed concerns about birders accessing parts of the Salisbury Plain Training Area. Please heed the restrictions and do not proceed into Danger areas if the red flag is flying.

Guidelines on access

There is no public access to Defence Training Estate's Imber Ranges, or the Impact Area. The MOD's Conservation Group members are allowed access if cleared through the range control. Access can be arranged for visiting groups who are not members if they are accompanied by members of the Conservation Group and organised through the Conservation Group Secretary. Limited public access is allowed to DTE Imber Ranges on some bank holidays on the main tracks.

Access to DTE Impact Area (bye-lawed area) is restricted unless you are a member of the Conservation Group and have been briefed on how to access the area. Do not access if the red flag is flying.

Although DTE SP East is not used for live firing (except Bulford Small Arms range), this area still presents a number of dangers to casual visitors. Access is allowed on Public Rights of Way, but you may be asked to leave if a military exercise is in progress. Please also read the road signs carefully and follow the bye-laws regarding vehicle access and parking. Flagged and signed areas are subject to the Military Lands Bye-laws.

For more information on access and safety, please refer to Explorer OS Maps 130, 131 and 143, and see the Defence Estates website.

All birders are also reminded that Schedule 1 breeding species are present in the area and disturbance within 400 metres of breeding sites could constitute a breach of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).

Thanks for your cooperation.